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A king was exiled from his kingdom and cast into the sea, when he resurfaces, he is accompanied by an anchor. The game's plot revolves around the king returning to the throne, passing through a system of memories in which he reflects on his life and regrets everything he has done wrong in the kingdom, eventually becoming a successful ruler.

➤  The player's objective is to guide Ludwig  in obtaining his throne, which will require him to face a number of obstacles, challenges, and even a final boss.

➤ Find collectibles to help Ludwig in recovering his memories.

➤ Enjoy the game's soundtrack, which has a mysterious and dark tone.

Team Credits

Miguel Marcelino (Game designer)

Rodrigo Raposo (Programmer)

André Clérigo (Artist)

Music by @amadelli.music

Social Networks

IndieDB: https://www.indiedb.com/games/dredgeline

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dredgeline_studios/

Thank you so much for trying out Anchor King, if you would want to help us feel free to answer the following Google forms:



Anchor_King_Vertical_Slice.zip 32 MB
Anchor_King_Vertical_Slice_mac.zip 43 MB

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